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MURDER, Conspiracy and Intrigue

September 2014 Exhibit

From the Corvid justice system to family relationships, First Nations totems and symbolism, Cathy Stafford and Patricia Peters weave many stories through their art, and have produced the exhibition: MURDER, Conspiracy and Intrigue.

Cathy is an abstract expressionist artist who likes to work big and freely in oils and acrylic. Patricia intuitively speaks with the language of colour to share her emotional responses, or with textures of various mediums.

Both artists have attacked this project with passion, energy and a strong curiosity. Even the words are delicious. A murder of crows is of course a group of crows, a group of ravens form a conspiracy, but it is intriguing where the moniker comes from, and how that title was earned.

The murder of crows is there with several discussions on the stages of family life, family relationships, magic and mayhem.

Corvids, are ever watching and quick to see opportunities. We found that crows and ravens are common in our lives…. In fact we largely ignore them or minimize their presence, until they swoop in to get their dinner or start up their raw and raucous songs.

The music is a beautiful but haunting a melody with the songs of Crows, ravens and their other family members telling their own story. Michael Peters did the digital design and audio mixing based on “The Secret Garden”.

In The Summertime

Summer 2014 Exhibit


June/July 2014 Exhibit 16' x 8' wall of paper during collapse. Photo by Don Pettit.

At the End of the Tunnel

Ian Johnston
June 24 to July 11, 2014

At the End of the Tunnel is the first in a new body of work by Ian Johnston called The Modern Manias, a series that investigates seemingly benign behaviours like collecting, which mutate into devices of self-destruction such as hoarding.

At the End of the Tunnel is a video installation made specifically for the Dawson Creek Art Gallery. With this new work Johnston returns to his architectural background to explore the unique space created by the Gallery's spiral walkway around a centre court. As the viewer walks up the ramp the work becomes a Jack-in-the-Box-like experience of a single event seen from various view points. The installation documents the collapse of a hoarder's wall made of reclaimed paper.

Over the last month Johnston constructed and collapsed a 16' x 8' wall of paper in the grain elevator next to the gallery. Recorded by seven different cameras, At the End of the Tunnel is presented in the gallery on a series of televisions borrowed from the waste stream of Dawson Creek. Using a dozen sounds collected from Johnston's time in Dawson Creek – wind turbines, bottles crashing, lawn mowers, for instance – a different sound accompanies each subsequent collapse of the wall.

Ian Johnston is an architect turned sculptor based in Nelson, BC. He has exhibited his work nationally and internationally since the mid-nineties. Johnston studied architecture at Carleton University in Ottawa and with the University of Toronto at Paris, France. Prior to opening his Nelson studio he spent five years working at the Bauhaus Academy in post Berlin Wall East Germany.

Ian Johnston would like to acknowledge the support of British Columbia Arts Council, the Dawson Creek Art Gallery, DC Recycling & Bottle Depot, Stephanie Fischer, Northern Lights College, Woodhouse and Associates, and the assistance of Jennifer Bowes, Nelson Becker, Amy Bohigan, Brian Derfler, David Eustace, Kit Fast, Alana Hall, Sandro Jung, Meagan Longley, Chelsea MacKay, Gregory Mackenzie, Aaron Mathias, Karl Mattson, Ashley Moore, Mike Moore, Shauna Noyes, Jeremy Parslow and Don Pettit.

May/June 2014 Exhibit Untitled (image detail), Stephen Ferris


Stephen Ferris
May 17 to June 19, 2014
Opening reception: Friday, May 23, at 7pm.

Stephen Ferris plays with discordant figure-ground relationships, making the pieces dynamic; unravelling and changing the longer they are viewed. No doubt Steve would prefer you staring into one of his works for ten whole minutes than to view them all casually. Perhaps these paintings are the result of generally over-thinking things during long bike rides through various Arizona landscapes.

The uniqueness of his art comes from his many strange influences, which have melted together in a singular way: Op Art, with it's obsessions of white on black and it's subsequent warping and distortion; the logic of Minimal Techno as applied to the visual; being lost in mazes; Futurism; retinal after-images from fundamental geometric forms; melting clocks; tied-dyed maximalism; Art Brut; and Suprematism, with his strange visual grammar and his works never actually referencing real things in the external  world, only potential psychic landscapes.

Born in Fort St. John, B.C., Stephen Ferris is a self-taught artist. Stephen had his first solo exhibit at Peace Gallery North in Fort St. John and has exhibited at various locations in Edmonton.

For more information about the exhibit please contact:

Or Kit Fast, Curator, Dawson Creek Art Gallery

May 2014 Exhibit Shanna Hommy, Country Charm, detail

Young at Art 214: artist’s showcase

Students from School District No. 59 and Northern Lights College
April 28 to May 14, 2014
Opening reception: Friday, May 2, from 7pm – 9pm.
The band Fairweather Friend will be performing from 7pm – 9pm

The Young at Art: artist’s showcase fills the Dawson Creek Art Gallery with a brilliant flash of creativity from young artists in art programs at the Central and South Peace Campuses and Northern Light College.

The student exhibit celebrates the creative spirit of young artists as they learn about art and the world around them. This exhibit explores a mixture of media and methods including drawing, painting, print making, collage and photography. The exhibit is a result of projects designed to transfer images from the imagination to the audience through the processes of art all the way from the original idea to the final object.

This exhibit is a unique opportunity for the community to see how the youngest members of the community view their world as they learn, explore and form their own interpretations and viewpoint.

April 2014 Exhibit

The Exploring Art Group

April 1 to April 24, 2014
Opening reception: Tuesday, April 1, at 7pm.

Exploring Art Group began well over twenty years ago under the capable guidance of Edna McPhail who worked primarily in acrylics. We have expanded our horizons and now our artists explore many mediums. This past year we have tried our hand at watercolour, acrylic, batik, encaustic, ink and collage. About twenty artists attend the O'Brien Art Space on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from September to June.

Exploring Art supports the art community by sharing their work with others to promote the exciting spring and fall art auctions that support our beautiful Art Gallery. We are indeed so proud of our unique gallery and feel privileged to participate in these fundraisers.

Exploring Art artists show a variety of work in the Christmas and Summertime membership exhibits and our own Exploring Art Show at the Gallery.

We look forward to seeing the community, our friends and family and sharing art of quality and distinction at the opening reception on Tuesday, April 1st.

March 2014 Exhibit

Smile: lifting the spirit through art

Tabitha Logan and Judy Templeton

March 4 to March 27, 2014
Opening reception: Tuesday, March 4, at 7pm.

Tabitha Logan and Judy Templeton, have joined together to share works inspired by what lifts their spirits and makes them smile…a perfect compliment to the approach of spring.

Tabitha, a resident of Dawson Creek, gravitates towards mediums that require several steps and procedures. She chooses to work with traditional printmaking techniques such as monoprints and collographs. Her works also expand to encaustics, three-dimensional and mixed media pieces. Curiosities of society and nature inspire Tabitha and make her smile. These moments of joy are imprinted in her work.

Working as a nurse, Judy began to develop her creative side by discovering the healing aspects of art. Her watercolour work employs gentle washes to create peaceful moods. It is second nature for her to combine multiple processes and she enjoys allowing her paintings to emerge in an organic fashion. Her completed pieces reflect the serene and joyful manner in which she works. Many of Judy’s multi-layered stencil prints and sculptures are inspired by the beauty of the natural world. Using materials from nature to create her collographs and “out-stallations”, she adds pleasure to her outdoor explorations by often leaving evidence of her passage for others to find and enjoy.

Together, Tabitha and Judy wish to positively influence the viewer through each piece of art and to share a smile.

February 2014 Exhibit

Images by Sandy Troudt, Mike Kroecher, Mary Parslow

Points of View: an exploration of artistic interpretation and media

The Flying Colours Artists’ Association

February 4 to February 27, 2014
Opening reception: Friday, February 7, at 7pm.

This exhibition presents images capturing familiar landscapes or small moments of everyday life in the Peace Region. Working from selected images/ideas, members of Flying Colours Artists’ Association rendered their viewpoints in colour, black-and-white, a wide variety of media, many different styles and with a variety of artistic intentions.

A point of view is a manner of viewing things; an attitude. The attitude or outlook of an artist is inherent in his/her work. Not every viewfinder is a rectangle, nor do artists interpret inspirational material in the same way.

Flying Colours members want to intrigue viewers with the diversity and contrasting styles that can be found within an artistic community and in the way an identical starting point can create diverse content. Examples of the various stages of the creative process as some works evolved are part of the exhibit.

The shared purpose of the participating artists is intended to offer viewers the opportunity to consider the virtues of their differences.

Flying Colours Artists’ Association is a regional organization that provides support and educational opportunities for a community of practicing artists through the sponsorship of art workshops, artists’ retreats and mentoring. Members often work together to nurture and promote their artistic passion, to enhance their skills, to exhibit and market their work and to actively engage in the cultural life of the broader community.

The participating artists are: