Summer School of the Arts for Children and Teenagers

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Join us this summer for the Summer School of the Arts, here at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery!

This year we will be offering classes for three separate age groups in our art class
Classes are in session Mondays through Fridays, with a different time for each age group.
Ages 4 to 7 will have their class from 9:00 to 11:00 AM.
Ages 8 to 12 will have their class from 12:30 to 2:30 PM.
Ages 13 and up will have their class from 3:00 to 5:00 PM.

For the first time this year, we will be offering classes to both younger and older groups.

Our 4 to 7, and 8 to 12 year old programs will encompass ‘themed’ weeks, where children will create art following a particular idea. Pirate week is, of course, popular, as is a week full of Dinosaurs!

June 30th – July 4th
Once Upon A Time

Join us this week for fairytale themed crafts. A castle, a princess (or a heroic knight!), and a fierce dragon to battle influence this weeks crafts. We will be doing some drawing, painting, and building this week as we explore medieval creativity.
July 7th – July 11th
Walking with the Dinosaurs

Take a step back to the Jurassic age with us this week, as we explore the world of dinosaurs! Crafts will include things like making your own dinosaur egg, and dinosaur footprint paintings, and more!
July 14th – July 18th
Blast From The Past

Take a step back with us and join us for a hippie themed week! We will be exploring the peace sign in a variety of mediums, and of course, we will be making some tie-dye clothing to wear! This week is all about being groovy and flower power.
July 21st – July 25th
Arrre, Matey!

Walk the plank this week at art class, as we explore the exciting world of pirates! Join us as we design our own pirate flags and accessories, get (face-painted on) tattoos, and transform ourselves into the sailors of the high seas!
July 28th – August 1st
Superheroes Save the Day

Bam, pow! This week is all about comics and cartoons, as we teach you to draw your own superhero. We will bring these heroes to life by building them, as well as help our young heroes make masks to conceal their identities.
August 5th – August 7th
Life on the Farm

Our studio becomes a farm this week as we explore life on the farm. From making our own little animals, to painting what our farm would look like, this week is full of fun and farm animals.
August 11th – August 15th
Shoot for the Stars

Take a moonwalk this week as we explore our solar system by painting the planets! We’ll also be engaging our imaginations as we design (and build!) our own alien friends out of modeling clay. Stars, planets, and aliens? Sounds like an adventure to enjoy!
August 18th – August 22nd
Creatures of the Magical World

Unicorns, mermaids, and hippogriffs, oh my! Join us this week for a glimpse at the hundreds of mystical creatures our ancestors have thought up. We will be drawing and painting our own creatures, and bringing them to life with a variety of craft supplies in this imaginative week.
August 25th – August 29th
Under the Sea

The ocean is a vast and interesting place for us to explore. Join us this week as we dive under the water to paint whales, sharks, and seahorses. We will be building our own deep-sea models, and more.

Our 13 and up class, however, will have weeks around select media and techniques to further art skills that they have already explored at younger ages. New artists are, of course welcome, and teachers will work with students to help them understand and explore each weeks subject. Subjects range from Acrylic Painting to Photography.

June 30th – July 4th
A Week of Watercolours

Start your summer off with a week of watercolours! This week we will teach you about the different techniques involved in watercolour painting from paper to canvas, and sponges to paintbrushes.
July 7th – July 11th
Acrylic Painting I – Realistic Painting

This week will be spent working with acrylic paint. From canvas to paper to illustration board, each day will bring a new project for the students to tackle. This week will focus on realistic paintings (landscapes, animals, etc.), with a touch of abstract. This is a great way to improve painting for teenagers who are interested in art.
July 14th – July 18th
Creating Comic Books

This week will encompass cartoons and comic books. From drawing a comic book character, to drawing your friends in cartoon style, this week is all about comics and cartoons. Drawing, colouring, and a short comic book take up our time this week.
July 21st – July 25th
Pottery for Beginners

This week we will be sinking our hands into the world of art with clay. A bit of hand-building, a bit of sculpting, and this week is all about the versatility of clay. Each day we will be working on building something with our hands, so be prepared for a messy, wonderfully busy week!
July 28th – August 1st
Sketching the World Around You

This week has a focus on how to capture the world that surrounds you on paper. Sketching is the basis of art – from comic books to paintings, an artist needs to be able to put their ideas on paper. From still life to portraits, we will dabble in a bit of everything this week to improve our skills, using pencil, charcoal, and more.
August 5th – August 7th
Beginning Photographers

Spend the week with a photographer to learn the basics behind photography. We will be learning the basic rules of photography, as well as ways to improve technique. Those who have cameras will also be welcomed to bring their camera to class, so that the teachers can help students to better understand their cameras.
August 11th – August 15th
Exploring Oils

Spend your time this week exploring the ancient art of oil painting! This is a difficult but rewarding media, and this week will help students learn how to use oils, or improve the skills of those who have previously tried them. From palette knives to brushes, canvas to board, oil paints will be explored in our studio.
August 18th – August 22nd
Acrylic Painting II – Abstract & Semi- Realistic Painting

This will be our second week working with acrylic paint. Each day will explore different products but the focus shifts to the designs that create abstract paintings. Semi-realism will be touched on briefly this week, and students will be given several projects this week to help build their skill and talent – no matter their previous experience.
August 25th – August 29th
Making Manga

This week we focus on the art of manga (or Japanese Comics) and anime. Whether students have already dabble, or would like to try this style for the first time, this week will have ten hours of class time to teach the basics and help those who have mastered the basics continue to advance their skills.

Brochures and sign up sheets are available at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery, so feel free to call us or stop by with any questions. Daneka Hussey, our Education Coordinator, is more than happy to help.

Please feel free to call us at 250-782-2601.


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