Dawson Creek Art Gallery

About the SPAS

The South Peace Art Society was formed in 1948. It became a registered society in 1962 and began the momentous task of obtaining a gallery. With great effort this was accomplished in 1965 when the city of Dawson Creek built a complex to house the Art Gallery and Museum. At this time, the gallery was the only one in Northern BC.

Mission Statement

To foster the growth, awareness and appreciation of the visual arts in Dawson Creek and area.

South Peace Art Society Mandate

  1. To bring together persons who are actively engaged in creative arts and crafts and persons who are interested in promoting arts and crafts.
  2. To arrange for exhibitions of original works of art by the members of the society, either at the seat of the society or in other centres.
  3. To promote the showing of works of art by similar groups or individuals and public art institutions.
  4. To arrange for its members and interested persons courses and workshops and generally to supply its members with information regarding the evolution and trends in art.
  5. To operate the Dawson Creek Art Gallery and by doing so to increase the appreciation of the visual arts by the general public.
  • Major Sponsors

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