Dawson Creek Art Gallery

Picture Rentals

How would you like to take home a valuable work of art for only $4 per month ($5 per month commercial rate)? Do you enjoy having original paintings in your home or office? Do you like a change? Well, then the Art Rental program at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery is for you.

The Art Rental program has been a strong link between artists and the community, not only offering great prices for the rentor but expanding the exposure of the artist within the community.

There are close to 200 original works to choose from with over 25 artists participating in the program. There’s a style and image for everyone! Choose from original works by these Participating Artists (All work is also for sale).

  • Vi Andre
  • Hilde Bittman
  • Mary Berg
  • Moe Boucher
  • Donna Breault
  • Mildred Clarke
  • Marne Creak
  • Inez Demuynck
  • Harriet Fellers
  • Monique Francoeur
  • Phyllis Fynn
  • George Grove
  • Terri Hanen
  • Louise Harrod
  • Evelyn Laforge
  • Phyllis MacKay
  • Nick May
  • Lawrence McGillvray
  • Edna McPhail
  • Roy Mumby
  • Betty Mundy
  • Gudren Petersen
  • Vern Soderquist
  • Susan Wuthrich
  • Major Sponsors

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