Dawson Creek Art Gallery

Spectrum, Flora & Fauna, A Common Reality

Samantha Wigglesworth, Spectrum
This series helps to represent a small amount of what people in the LGBT spectrum can look like. While also focusing and starting the conversation that gender and sexuality are not mutually exclusive.
Drixx Salvador, Flora & Fauna
For this year’s exhibit I focused on Flora and Fauna, including flower varieties and animal species. I chose this team not only because it is something I am passionate about, but also because flowers and animals convey joy, love and positivity.
Candace Sanderson, A Common Reality
This body of work explores the visible and invisible structures that hold women back. For generations women’s rights movements have fought and continue to fight for the fair treatment and civil liberties of all women. The work I make is through confronting the reality of my own personal experiences, actively exploring on my own terms what it means to be a woman today.
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